Commentary: Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’ survivors deserve access to Vatican archives

The announcement that Pope Francis has ordered the Vatican to open its archives from that era prompts hope for many.

Little Sisters waging big fight at Supreme Court

The Little Sisters of the Poor and others say any involvement in the offering of birth-control methods they equate with abortion goes against their religious beliefs.

Belgian religious groups condemn Brussels attacks

Belgian Muslim and Catholic organizations are condemning the terrorist bombings in Brussels.

French woman who escaped ISIS lives to tell about its horrors

Sophie Kasiki writes of her experience in a new book “to prevent others … from falling for the Islamic State’s culture of death.”

African bishops to boycott meeting of Anglican council

The Anglican Church in Kenya has become the latest province to announce it will boycott the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Zambia over the participation of the Episcopal Church.

Exit poll religion questions confuse, mislead, critics say

Why do exit polls draw such a confusing picture of religion’s role in the 2016 presidential race? Let us ‘Splain.

Israel fractures by faith on politics, society

Israel today grapples with profound existential questions of its national identity, including how Jewish the Jewish state can be.

Georgetown rebuked for inviting Planned Parenthood chief

Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl appears to take a swipe at Georgetown University for inviting Planned Parenthood head Cecile Richards to speak.

Catholic school reconsiders transgender student ban

After a community backlash, Mount Saint Charles Academy explores ways to provide accommodations for transgender students.

China’s efforts to mold Christianity in its own image face resistance

The growth of Christianity is a source of alarm for Chinese authorities, according to one of the world’s foremost experts on religion in China.

Future of Texas abortion case at crossroads

With this latest Supreme Court case, proponents of abortion rights could be on the verge of a big victory, a small defeat or a do-over.

Southern Baptist foreign missionaries drop by nearly 1,000

One out of five Southern Baptist missionaries overseas volunteer to leave their posts to help the denomination’s mission board deal with its financial straits.

Archaeologists dig up fabrics dating back to David, Solomon

The “remarkably preserved” 3,000-year-old fabrics provide the first physical evidence of what Holy Land residents wore.

Brazil’s abortion debate fails to convince some mothers of microcephaly babies

The surge in microcephaly cases in Brazil has reignited a debate on abortion and the reproductive rights of women in Latin America.

Illegal trade in body parts threatens Africans with albinism

Activists and widespread media attention are shedding light on the practice in a mission to change superstitious notions about albinos.

Terrorism is Islamic issue, say some Muslims

Muslims in the West must step up and admit terrorism is rooted in extremist Islam, say four Muslim think-tank panelists.