Report: Dial back Christianity in British official life

The new report urges the United Kingdom to shift toward a “pluralist character.”

San Bernardino victim had clashed with shooter over Israel

Victim Nicholas Thalasinos was a Messianic Jew who worked with shooter Syed Farook.

Atheist battles religion in ‘Fighting God’

“Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World” is the new anti-religion book by American Atheists President David Silverman.

Megachurch boom rolls on, but big concerns are rising

Many of the 2,000-member churches launched a quarter century ago by Baby Boomers now see slippage among younger generations.

Let women light Hanukkah candles at Western Wall, official says

Will women be allowed to take part in the official candle-lighting ceremony at Jerusalem’s Western Wall when Hanukkah begins?

After attacks, Muslims in Paris fear being targeted

As French police continue to search for those linked to the attacks, some Paris Muslims feel a double burden: the grief of loss, and the fear of being stigmatized.

Hundreds rally against new Mormon policy; many file forms to quit the faith

The Nov. 14 rally is held to protest the LDS Church’s recent policy decisions involving same-sex couples and their children.

U.S. Catholic bishops meet, still struggling to adapt to ‘Pope Francis effect’

U.S. Roman Catholic bishops open their annual meeting, still trying to figure out how much they can, or want, to match the pope’s priorities.

Texas student: Teacher taught ‘God is not real’

A seventh-grade assignment in a Katy, Texas, school asks students to deny the existence of God.

Arab-Jewish school an island of sanity amid violence, parents say

The school in Jaffa, Israel, aims to respond to growing Jewish-Arab segregation and violence with mutual respect and open dialogue.

Who won? Who lost? Five points on Vatican summit

The most significant and contested gathering of Roman Catholic bishops in the last 50 years has formally ended after three weeks of debate and dispute.

Kenya to re-integrate hundreds of returning militants

The 700 returning Kenyans had joined Somalia’s al-Shabab militant group that has attacked churches, malls, government institutions and schools.

Commentary: When police embrace ‘In God We Trust’

The phrase is becoming the message of choice for a growing number of law-enforcement agencies across the country.

N.J. archbishop sets rules for Communion

Even as Pope Francis and Catholic leaders from around the world debate ways to make the Catholic Church more inclusive, Newark Archbishop John Myers gives his priests strict guidelines on Communion.

Ohio congregation tips Domino’s driver more than $1,000

The congregation was wrapping up a sermon series on “I was Broke. Now I’m Not,” and has a monthly missions emphasis on “Random Acts of Kindness.”

Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments statue moves from Capitol

The court-ordered removal results in the statue being relocated a few blocks away.