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Reporter, the official newspaper of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), is published monthly for LCMS professional church workers, lay leaders and members.

Reporter is delivered to more than 34,000 of the most influential decision-makers in a nearly 2-million-member church body — LCMS pastors; teachers; chap­lains; deaconesses; lay ministers; congregational chairmen and elders; parish assistants; and directors of Christian outreach, Christian education, parish music and family life.

The Reporter website — — carries your message even further than the readership of the print Reporter, reaching a wider audience throughout the LCMS as content is shared on the site and on LCMS social media channels.

Watch your reach grow as new customers find you through your advertisements both in print and online. Add visibility to your important message, and be at the top of our audience’s mind when they are looking for the good or service you provide!

For just pennies per customer, you reach the people you need to reach — the people most interested in what you offer.

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Edition Ad Cut-off Date Artwork Due Print Date
January 2023 11/23/22 11/30/22 12/13/22
February 2023 01/04/23 01/11/23 01/24/23
March 2023 02/01/23 02/08/23 02/21/23
April 2023 03/08/23 03/15/23 03/28/23
May 2023 04/05/23 04/12/23 04/25/23
June 2023 05/03/23 05/10/23 05/23/23
July 2023 05/31/23 06/07/23 06/20/23
August 2023 07/05/23 07/12/23 07/25/23
September 2023 08/02/23 08/09/23 08/22/23
October 2023 08/31/23 09/06/23 09/19/23
November 2023 09/27/23 10/04/23 10/17/23
December 2023 10/25/23 11/01/23 11/14/23
January 2024 11/22/23 11/29/23 12/12/23


*Print date indicates the date print publication is mailed. Digital ads will post to website the first day of month advertising is contracted for.
** Since Monday, May 31, is the Memorial Day holiday, Reporter will be delivered on Tuesday, May 25.



Ad Size 1X 3X 6X 12X
Tall Sidebar Ad $1,280 $1,175 $1,075 $989
Sidebar Ad $640 $580 $535 $490
Post Ad $445 $410 $375 $345

NOTE: Combination of two ad sizes affords 15% discount.
Combination of three ad sizes affords 20% discount.


Ad Size Wide (pixels) Tall (pixels)
Tall Sidebar Ad 336 560
Sidebar Ad 336 280
Post Ad 468 140

File formats — JPG or PNG
Include master layer Photoshop file or TIFF if available
Recommended 16pt font size
Tools for creating the files: Photoshop, Illustrator,


Ad Size 1X 3X** 6X**
Full Page $3,915 $3,733 $3,560
1/2 Page $2,202 $2,101 $1,999
1/4 Page $1,283 $1,122 $1,163
1/8 Page $734 $700 $667
1/16 Page $424 $404 $385

**3X and 6X reflect a per-issue discount for placing multiple advertisements within a 12-month period.


Size Inches Wide Inches Tall
Full Page 9.812 15

1/2 Page


9.812 7 1/2
1/4 Page 3.812 9.5
  5.812 6.25
  8 4.5
1/8 Page 1.8125 9.5
  3.8125 4.75
  5.8125 3.25
1/16 Page 1.8125 4
  3.8125 2.3125

Note: Each Reporter page measures 11 x 17 inches.


Reporter accepts advertisements for products and services that are nationally available and would be used by congregations and their members.

If you are interested in placing an ad with Reporter, email Bonnie Parker at or call 314-996-1202 to determine if space is available.

Provide us with the following information to be reviewed by the executive editor:

  • a description of your company and services,
  • a description of your product,
  • intended ad message, and
  • sample ad copy, if available.

Upon approval, we will send you a confirmation letter and contract detailing your insertion orders, rates and terms.

Note: We reserve the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time.

Reporter does not provide ad composition services. The following information should guide you when producing your ads:

Print Guidelines


  • All ad elements must be in CMYK. Black text, borders and rules must be in 100% black. Black-and-white images must be in Grayscale mode. Do not use RGB, spot colors or LAB color anywhere.
  • Total ink coverage (the sum of percentages of each ink used in a four-color process mix) must not exceed 260%. This applies to all four-color process elements: text, strokes, fills, etc. For example, 100% cyan + 100% magenta + 40% yellow + 5% black = 245%. The smaller this number, the better.
  • Line-art (1-bit) resolution: min. 600 dpi; max. 1,200 dpi.
  • No bleeds.
  • File format — high-res pdf.


  • Try to keep your design simple to improve printability and readability.
  • Large areas of color, or ads that are all reversed out of a color, should be avoided. The amount of ink will lead to smudging as well as changes in hue, density and registration.
  • Sans serif fonts will print better than serif fonts, especially in smaller text. The light, extra-light or thin version of fonts may be too light to read, particularly in color. Small text should always be set to black and not reversed out of a color.
  • Use color text sparingly. Black text prints best.
  • Avoid overlaying color text on a color background. Often there is not enough contrast for readability.
  • If reverse type is used, ensure font is large enough, and aim for high contrast between lettering and background. Keep in mind, studies show reverse type lowers reading comprehension.
  • Practices for best reproduction on newsprint include:— Min. size for color text in a serif font: 12 pt.
    — Min. size for color text in a sans serif font: 8 pt.
    — Min. size for reverse (white) text on a four-color process background: 12 pt.
    — Min. size for reverse (white) text on a black background: 10 pt.
    — Min. size for a four-color rule or stroke: 2 pt.
  • Color gradations in graphics can be problematic to reproduce on newsprint.
  • Photos should have a minimum resolution of 225 dpi and a maximum of 300 dpi.
  • Use the “U.S. Web Uncoated v.2” profiles to convert RGB photos to CMYK.
  • Your logo is a graphic — be sure it is sized large enough to print correctly.

Please design your print ad in InDesign, Quark or other layout software. Do not build ads in Photoshop.

We do not provide ad composition services, but if you have questions about how to implement any of these guidelines, do not hesitate to contact us.

Submit all files to

Digital Guidelines

  • File formats should be JPG or PNG
  • Include master Layer Photoshop file or TIFF if available
  • Recommended 16pt font size
  • Tools for creating the files: Photoshop, Illustrator,


  • Keep design simple
  • Choose a clear and enticing call to action
  • Frame the image

Submit files and direct any questions on ad production to Bonnie Parker at 314-996-1202 or