LCMS pastor recalls playing with Cardinals, Red Sox

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  1. Pr. Ron Weidler says:

    Reading the article about Pr. Faszholz reminded me so much of my blessed years being Pastor for former Big Leaguer Hal Jeffcoat. Hal played for the Cubs and the Reds in the late 40’s and through the 50’s. He was a member of Holy Trinity Lutheran in Tampa, Florida where I was pastor from 1980 – 1996. Hal had great stories not only about baseball but about serving in the Army during WWII. While with the Cubs he roomed with fellow Lutheran Andy Pafko (who passed away just a couple of weeks ago). The pay was far different back then, but the temptations were much the same. Hal’s stories about striving to walk the “straight and narrow” as a follower of our Lord Jesus were very enlightening — and encouraging to me as a pastor. So too are Pr. Faszholz’s words. It’s very uplifting to know that committed Christians can survive in the public limelight and give a powerful witness to the Savior. Thanks for sharing!
    Pr. Ron Weidler
    Senior Pastor
    Immanuel Lutheran Church & School
    Batavia, IL.

  2. I saw in the article that Pastor Faszholz played American Legion Baseball. As the curent State Chairman of American Legion Baseball in New Jersey I am proud to be part of a program that a man like Pastor Fazholz graduated from. AL Baseball stresses character as much as it does baseball. I can see from this article Pastor Faszholz exemplifies all of this. He left a Major League Baseball career to serve The Lord as a pastor and still gives back to the community. What a Christion exanple.

  3. Ron Paul says:

    Jack: I enjoyed reading about your Sem. and pro baseball career. As a former teammate of yours with Hoffmeister and high school coaching colleague at Mehlville, we look forward to seeing you at the Hoffmeister reunions. My Windsor, Ont. friend gave me an old Montreal ( Brooklyn Dodger farm team) program in which you were featured as the MVP of the International League. I was hoping to give the program to you at last year’s team reunion.
    Your friend in Christ and fellow Lutheran,
    Ron Paul

  4. Gail Koch Rische says:

    Mr. Faszholz, You were one of my favorites. You were and still are an inspiration to everyone. It was a thrill to read this article…..My husband and I have always been baseball fans and no matter where we have lived, the Cardinals have always been No. 1 in our hearts….I am ALMOST positive I had you for religion but need to look it up in my yearbook….and my husband of fifty years (Bob Rische) is almost sure he had you for baseball…..memory fades now and then 🙂 🙂 :)……God’s love and blessings to you and your family. My brother, Gary Koch, also has many stories about you 🙂 :)….

  5. Larry Sohn says:

    Jack, what a joy to get caught up with your whereabouts. I had great fun 7th and 8th grade summers waiting for The Sporting News to arrive each week and check how you were doing in Rochester (and Columbus GA, if I recall correctly). Even more fun was getting to know you as a basketball player for the St. Louis Sem, where I was a “gym rat”/prof’s kid. I still think of you and your brothers each year when the CIT rolls around. Blessings.