Rev. Dr. Robert Sauer, former LCMS officer, dies

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  1. James R. Holmes says:

    My dear Great Uncle Bob: Rest well, and enjoy the presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is not farewell….rather, until we meet again!


  2. Martin R. Noland says:

    Our Lord has blessed our Missouri Synod with many faithful leaders over the years. Dr. Bob Sauer was one of those, and he now enjoys a deserved rest from his labors. Pres. Em. Bohlmann is correct about the Vice-Presidents of the LCMS being the “right-hand-men” for the synod Presidents. Dr. Sauer served in this capacity with three: Jack Preus, Ralph Bohlmann, and Al Barry.

    Many confidential discussions between the President and his VPs will never be made public–or part of public history–but that is okay. Our Lord created an apostolate of twelve as a private council, since the Holy Spirit distributes his gifts and wisdom as he wills–sometimes to the most unlikely characters.

    We can thank Dr. Sauer, and all of our Presidents and Vice-Presidents, for keeping our dear synod on the “straight-and-narrow” through some very difficult times. Thanks is also due to their wives and family for support of their husbands-fathers in those tough times! We know our Lord has not abandoned His church, when we remember with thanks our leaders like Dr. Robert Sauer.