Comfort dogs: ‘God’s gifts’ in times of turmoil

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  1. Beverly says:

    Pastor, I suffer from PTSD and believe me that I of all people know the value of a caring dog. As a wise Pastor once brought to my attention spell Dog backwards and what do you get God. The Dog is the only being on this Earth that will Love you more than you Love you more than you Love your self.

  2. Suzanne Thime says:

    My widowed aunt was ministered to by our poodle, Parfait. He would go have lunch with her and then they would take a nap together. She took pictures of him and told everybody about his visits. She would often say how she missed family and friends, who had passed, but she enjoyed Parfait. I even asked my husband, whi is a retired pastor, can dogs have ministries? Truly, God worked through Parfait to comfort my aunt. So I know that is God who worked through those dogs to comfort those children.

  3. Paula says:

    God Bless these handlers & their dogs. We pray for healing for the children.