Newlyweds share ‘terror’ of Ferguson riots; Synod responds with prayer, presence

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    May the Lord Jesus bless all efforts at bringing peace to the families in Ferguson. You are in my prayers daily and more.

  2. Albert Jabs says:

    The analysis just read was inspired by the Holy Spirit and would be a blessing if published intoto by such as the Lutheran Witness…or carried by the Lutheran Hour for a national audience…it has to be the most effective statement yet read in all of this confusion.

    Lutheran Human Relations, midwifed by two prophetic pastors, Dr. Andrew Schultze, who pastored congregations in the St. Louis area, would have been pleased with this analysis…so would Dr. Karl Lutze, sucessor to Pastor Andy, at Lutheran Human Relations, and by God’s grace, blessed to still live at 93 years in Valparaiso Indiana. Both of these prophetic and practical pastors would not be too surprised at the upheaval taking place in Ferguson. These insightful preachers saw this prospect coming for a long time…and their writings and teachings gave indication and still can be applicable to what has been transpiring. Let it be said that for both of these Lutheran leaders, it was both critical and crucial that black brothers and black sisters be seen as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ…and that this be reciprocal for white and Latin brothers and sisters. This was a beginning and these men organized conferences all over the United States to un pack the meanings of these priority statements.

    Having been blessed to have been tutored by these unique Lutheran leaders, for my work in the American South, in working with predominantly black institutions of higher education, in working with prison inmates in both Carolinas, and varied community projects, I praise the Lord for bringing such men and devoted women to my story in dealing with human relations…for indeed this is a project that continues on…and the Ferguson fiasco is just another example of what still is to be done.

    Dr. Albert E. Jabs
    Lexington, South Carolina 29073
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  3. I was blessed beyond measure to spend some time between trips to Ferguson with Pr.s Schave, Gray and Johnson. The work that they have engaged in there is truly a blessing to the St. Louis community.

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    The link to the discussion with Pr.s Gray, Johnson and Schave is linked below. Be sure to listen to KFUO for all of the latest developments with all of the news regarding the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

    Here is the link to the discussion – this particular discussion begins about 35 minutes in to the program.