KFUO plans 90-day celebration to mark its 90th year

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  1. Harold Kamman in OKC says:

    During my years attending Concordia Seminary, I stopped in occasionally at the KFUO building. Before those years,my parents could hear KFUO (on good days) at our home in southern Indiana as we dialed 850 kc on our radio.
    My birthday almost matches KFUO’s. November 8, 1924. So I have frequently mailed a birthday gift to KFUO.

    I learned long ago that our first LCMS missionary to the Philippines had been a houseboy working in St. Louis and had heard KFUO in that family’s home
    He became a Christian, and later went as a missionary to his homeland.

    Many blessings to KFUO as you observe your 90th birthday!