‘The 72’ needs congregations for outreach-training teams

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  1. Anthony Stiltz says:

    I would love myself and our congregation to participate. I am a lay person at Redeemer Lutheran Shawnee, Oklahoma.

    1. Anthony,
      Thank you for your interest in The 72 Witness & Outreach Ministry. I have provided our website address above for you to view. You will find more information if you click on the “Request a Team” button as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like for us to email you more information or if you would like to speak with our 72 Director. My direct # is 314-996-1732.

      Thank you for your desire to reach those who are living in darkness.

  2. Our church is interested in this program. Please contact us at the contact info on the website, or the email provided.
    Thank you.
    Janet Walker