Congress has two more LCMS members

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  1. Charles Henrickson says:

    Is newly elected Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska an LCMS Lutheran? Is he a member of an LCMS church or does he attend one?

  2. LCMS Church Information Center says:

    On behalf of Reporter Online:

    Reporter staff tried to confirm that Sen. Sasse is a member of an LCMS congregation, but were unable to. If you have more information, please email it to and we’ll check it out. Thank you!

    LCMS Church Information Center

  3. Joshua Lake says:

    I believe these gentlemen would find this book quite beneficial in their vocation, in fact, I would consider it to be the Modern-Day Textbook On American Liberty, and beneficial to all Americans seeking a clear conservative argument on Issues ranging from Abortion to Foreign Aid to States Rights, and Beyond:

    Liberty Defined

  4. Steven Howe says:

    According to this website (, Sasse was Baptized at a Missouri Synod Lutheran church (LCMS) in Plainview, Nebraska, Sasse attended an LCMS elementary school in Fremont, Nebraska before moving on to Fremont High School and then to Harvard.

  5. Marilyn Copeland says:

    It’s a shame some of these men aren’t Democrats, thereby having more of a balanced opinion.

  6. Russell Mains says:

    As Martin Luther would say in the catechism, “What does this mean?”
    How is this relevant to citizens in a pluralistic, CIVIL government; not a theocracy? I ask this as an LCMS Lutheran.