Lee: Losing tax-exempt status could be ‘devastating blow’

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  1. This article has, without finger pointing, described the problem paramount to our country. The government is no longer of, for and by the people. It is instead, a hungry monster, devoid of any purpose other than sustaining its insatiable appetite for money and power.

  2. Norman says:

    considering we live in a government based on a democracy and majority rule, minority opinions may be pushed aside. Perhaps the church should have been thinking about that earlier. When the point of view of the church is rendered irrelevant in society, it is a failure of the church. Not of the government.

  3. Michael says:

    When did the majority of one overrule the majority of the many?

  4. John J Flanagan says:

    If the threat of the loss of tax exemptions is of an overwhelming concern to the LCMS and other conservative and faithful Christian churches, it will impact on the Gospel preaching of the future. Fear of government retaliation for speaking the truth in a politically correct environment effectively squashes truth. It is a problem the church of Christ has faced many times. A government presiding over a hedonistic, God rejecting culture does not lend itself to sympathies for people of faith, because their values are on a collision course, and it is certain laws will be implemented against Biblical Christians, now condemned by some as bigots or radicals for opposing same sex marriage, abortion, and immorality. We must remember many have fallen away, and our land is not the same, and it may never see a revival. However, we should still stay with our convictions, even if our church’s lose exemptions, tax benefits, property, and members. Nowhere in God’s word does it say we are guaranteed an easy walk when we follow Jesus.