Commentary: What can we learn from 35 years of LYF youth polls?

Comments (3)
  1. Gregory Todd says:

    Rather than articulating the concerns of young people throughout our Synod, I believe the results reflect only the concerns of the young people who attend the Youth Gatherings since that is where the surveys are administered. It is not a given that the group who attend the gatherings are representative of synodical youth as a whole. The results could be telling us that young people whose views are more reflective of the Lutheran Confessions are choosing not to attend the Youth Gatherings.

  2. Pastor K.C. Dehning says:

    I would like to see those same questions asked of the youth attending a Higher Things Conference, not to be added to the responses of those who attend the Youth Gathering, but to compare and contrast with those who attend the Youth Gathering.

  3. S. Morrison says:

    On the other end of the spectrum, there are many in youth groups of small churches who cannot afford to go to either conference, and many who are only in youth group only because their parents make them go. If we could ask that group these same questions we would likely have three widely varying sets of data points.

    Thanks for the interesting analysis!