CUC team develops Biblical Greek learning app

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  1. Karl W. Koch says:


    Since I know one of the students who served on this project, it would seem kind to show a photo of the groups, with names.

    Please add my name to your subscribers.

    Karl Koch (St Louis, 1959)

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. It appears that this resource is only available for download through the store on Apple and Android phones and tablets.The cost is $2.99.

  2. Allen Keim says:

    Great looking app so far. Any chance of a digital version of the pre-seminary greek course that we followed on dvd for congregation members to use?

    1. Andrew Steinmann says:

      That is something that might be nice, but it is completely outside of our area of work. It would need funding that we currently do not have in order to:
      Pay the instructor for his time and effort
      Produce the recordings, downloadable exercises, supplementary documents, etc.
      Post to a website and maintain the web posting, etc.