LCMS convention passes three finance resolutions

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  1. Mark Hofman says:

    Just a quick clarification comment. The Synod Board of Directors places, by policy, a ceiling (limitation) on fund-raising overhead. The current ceiling (limit) is 12 percent. The true overhead of the Joint Seminary Fund program in fiscal year 2017 was 9.54 percent, and in fiscal year 2018 was 10.64 percent. Both were below the Board of Directors’ limitation. In any fundraising situation, the response of contributors compared to fundraising expenses ultimately determines fundraising overhead ratios, not board policy or an organization’s budget. For comparison’s sake, the Christian organization Samaritan’s Purse uses a policy limit of 10 percent. So the LCMS is within the range of respected organizations, and well below the limit of “prudent” fundraising overhead determined by the Better Business Bureau, Guidestar and Charity Navigator. For more information visit