Youth Ministry shares findings of Gathering participant poll

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  1. John Marquardt says:

    The problem with non-Lutheran presenters and leaders was not addressed?

  2. Doris Houghtaling says:

    Giving youth the opportunity to explore their feelings and what the Bible says is so important during these years. It was heart warming to see how they can and will help others in the group to deal with problems of the day. It is so important for them to be in a group that holds the comments in confidence, while allowing them to discover and share the guidance found in scripture.
    I will never forget the discussion the youth had, while my spouse and I were counselors in a post confirmation group.
    One participant stated ‘ Jesus died for my sins, so the more I sin, the more valuable His sacrifice.’ This led a youth response that disputed this statement with Bible passages that they referred to. We saw individual youth do 180• in their convictions by allowing them to openly discuss, with references scriptures. To God be the glory!