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January ‘Witness’: Life after Roe

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  1. I would like to read an article on how the LCMS views the administration of oral medication to rape victims in the emergency room to make a viable pregnancy less likely to occur. Does the synod perceive this as a chemical abortion? Is the rape victim perceived as committing a sin in consenting to the administration of the medication? Is it Pro Life toward the rape victim to spare them from carrying the baby of the rapist? Should even the baby resulting from a rape be given the same rights to live? What efforts are made by the LCMS to repair the life of a rape victim? I do not feel enough resources have been developed or considered to minister to sexually inappropriate injury or behavior. Neither men or women of Missouri Synod Lutheran individuals are comfortable in discussing these issues in most cases. We have no avenue where the unpleasant realities of the sin-filled life on earth can be shared or discussed. In my experience, the norm is more just pretend it didn’t happen! The female Lutheran does not seem to be a priority.