James Lohman
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Jim Lohman is a director of Christian education with over 30 years experience in ministry. He serves as associate director for the LCMS Youth Ministry Office. He serves the LCMS National Youth Gathering as arrangements director and coordinates LCMS Servant Event opportunities for youth and adults at various locations throughout the United States and internationally. Jim’s parish DCE experience includes ministry to the children, youth and families of congregations in California, Washington and Missouri. Jim enjoys being the husband of Andrea and father of Kayla and Tessa.

Comfort food

Video equipment and technology are getting lots of use these days in church sanctuaries, staff homes and other places. However, there is one place, usually a hub of hospitality, not seeing any action these during this time: the church kitchen.

How Can I Help?

6 ways to actually help during a natural disaster.

Appreciation, Celebration, Graduation, Identification

It is important for us to identify young people who have a heart for ministry and encourage them to consider church work as a vocation.

Celebrate. Grow. Praise.

DCEs share how a congregation can benefit from having a Director of Christian Education.

Summer Servant Events Opportunities Are Here!

Find an LCMS Servant Event for your group this summer. I am an echo that points to Jesus!

Sharing Advent Joy With The Whole Family

People groups to remember and care for this Christmas as well as ideas to serve for the whole family.

I Am An Echo: Grateful!

Giving thanks for LCMS Servant Event leaders and those who will be attending an event this year!

Gathering Reflection: I Am An Echo

In Christ alone our lives echo Christ’s humility. Youth demonstrated this through service at the Gathering. Continue to be an echo at home.

Teach the Basics: Equipping volunteers to serve

Teach the Basics: Equipping volunteers to serve in ministry.

The Impact of serving in the name of Christ

A how-to on leading a servant event in your congregation or community. Blessings as you impact your community in the name of Jesus!

Spring Cleaning at the Office – How to honor the past and create less clutter

How to ‘spring clean’ at the office while still holding onto important information and honoring past treasures