First-time LCMS app now available

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  1. Mark Krueger says:

    I tried yesterday and I have tried today, but I can’t find this new app on Google Play.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Here is a direct download link to the Google Play store app:

  2. Rev. Kanefke says:

    Being a confessional Lutheran in the post-modern era can be a lonely experience. It is compounded only by being the happy owner of a Windows phone. We are the loneliest of the lonely, discriminated against even amongst those with whom we are the closest. On the other hand we are a tight-knit group finding compassion and empathy in the midst of adversity! We shall overcome… some day. 😉

  3. Tom Zimmermsn says:

    Looks good. Works great on the iPhone.

  4. Lyle Livingston says:

    I am using the LCMS app and I really like it.
    Finding a church works well, and the devotional by Pastor Ken Klaus is awesome!
    I had to go to the Men’s Network to get it, but now it is all in one place.
    Thank you