LCMS releases marriage ‘toolkit’ to aid discussion

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  1. Ron Udy says:

    I read the article on the marriage “toolkit” in the Reporter. I am very concerned about the direction our culture is taking and wanted to see if this “toolkit” would be helpful in our congregation. On the first page I found that Synod is putting out more info to “encourage education and informed action in defense of freedom of religion.” This is so desperately needed. Thanks. Now we need to make sure it is used in our congregations and that our people use it in witnessing. We cannot be passive any longer.

  2. Gretchen says:

    Article from Lutheran Witness “Practicing What We Preach” July, 1996 is very helpful to understand why our church does what it does, carefully and deliberately.

  3. Pastor Doug Krengel says:

    At the Family of Faith Lutheran Church, Houston, we are currently enjoying a month long sermon-series called “Marriage Matters.” The CTCR document, “The Creator’s Tapestry”, along with this new Marriage Tool Kit, and the President Harrison’s Letter have all been helpful. We also celebrated two wedding services during our Sunday worship in the month of June.