Church bodies issue joint ‘Affirmation of Marriage’

Comments (3)
  1. Damien says:

    Churches should of course be able to recognize or reject relationships in accordance with their beliefs. However I fail to see why their beliefs should dictate how the state recognizes relationships. There already exist numerous same-sex households in this country, including those with children. Aside from religious arguments, arguments against same sex marriage are quite weak. Many of these relationships are stable and permanent and many are loving and responsible parents with well adjusted, normal children.

  2. Mike says:

    God instituted marriage; any understanding that begins without this presupposition makes marriage an elements of man’s reasoning rather than God’s divine will. With the understanding that the Bible reveals the will of God to sinful mankind, the matter of same-sex marriage boils down to one of two alternatives: (a) that God’s holy Word in Scripture is the sole source, rule and norm for all faith and life, or (b) that God’s irrelevant to His creation and is to be ignored and even rejected. There is no middle ground. Damien, to keep God out of the marriage argument is to go against the author and creator of life and salvation and is to condemn marriage from His grace and blessing.

  3. Tim says:

    The Church is correct in its opposition of same sex marriage. Its ramifications are clearly confirmed throughout Holy Scripture, and are further supported in the expositions of our Church fathers. Although it is not necessary, one could further support the argument based on some of the medical information collected in our common era. That being said, the LC-MS and many other denominations are failing to adequately address another epidemic plaguing the one flesh union. Adulterous remarriage is something that is going unchecked in too many cases. The implications in these instances not only impact the couples in question, but also raise serious issues in regards to fellowship and unity in the Lord’s Supper. Holding fast to the defense of marriage is a truly God pleasing endeavor, but must be thorough in light of all the issues facing the Church in this matter.