BIM’s mission immersion to guide future direction

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    As a former LCMS missionary of 20 years, I see that you continue making the same mistakes which were made for the past 100 years of LCMS’s mission programs. You continue to operate from a ‘top down’ management model rather than allowing the field to direct the mission strategies and methodologies. It would serve you well to interview some of the former missionaries who witnessed the failure of the LCMS mission programs. Learn from your mistakes or you will re-visit those mistakes.
    Bill Timmons
    Lutheran Philippine Mission
    Lutheran Mission in Thailand

  2. Ted Krey says:

    It is important to know that all of our strategic plans are set on the fields by our missionaries and also sister churchers. Ask our missionaries.

    Blessings in Christ,

    Ted Krey

    Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean