LHM’s Rose Parade float wins award

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  1. John Olmstead says:

    We need more publicity and exposure like this to show the world that God and religion is still alive and thriving in the world.

  2. Praise God for the many Lutherans across North America who donate to support the message of God’s love for all. The Lutheran Hour Ministries float is funded solely by donations and the fund raising activities of the ALL volunteer LHM float committee. The float is not budgeted or funded by the LCMS, Lutheran Hour Ministries, or the International Lutheran Laymen’s League of Southern California. We sincerely thank all who support our efforts to send this message in the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade.
    David Fosgett, LHM Float Committee Member

  3. Randi says:

    Rev Matt Harrison you have missed the point. It’s not about you, your Lutheran name. First, it’s about Jesus–accepting him in your heart and living for him or we are going to hell for a eternity. I am a Christian first and then I am a member in the LCMS. Sometimes when I view your other LCMS churches I feel they are very cold and stuck in their Lutheranism. Sometimes I don’t want to be under your label. You are leaning towards the Catholics. I pray for you sir and hope you have listened to my point. This money could of been used to help support your dying churches.
    Respectfully submitted

  4. Tom Morofski says:

    Rev. Harrison, your efforts to draw all factions of our LCMS back together in teaching and preaching the true gospel of our Lord is refreshing. So much of the writtings of St. Paul, as he reminds each of us to be all things to all people that we might be used by God to win a few. You clearly identify the #1 problem of the world today … S-I-N … and you point ALL people to the one and only solution to sin … The Savior. “Jesus Welcomes All” indeed sez it all! The float each year is worth all the cost and effort (mostly coverd by numerous volenteers) as it’s message goes forth to all the world. Matt, THANK YOU for all you do! Your leadership tempered with your faith and humility is a breath of fresh air as our church goes forward drawing souls to Christ.