Missouri District plans short-, long-term work in Ferguson

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  1. Mr. Paul M Onder says:

    What is broken can be fixed thru the Word and Grace of God.

    Education of the facts of WHO we are and what God has done for us .

    We have to make a commitment of Breaking down the walls of division between people.

    We can start with ourselves and confess that we are The Children of GOD!

    With a new Vision combine with a new direction we can start a Unity movement

    I propose a new Statement, “Working Together to Become One in Christ”.

    This is a Vision and a direction the church needs to embrace.

    I pray for our church to take up our cross and move in the direction toward Christ.

  2. Carol says:

    my prayers are with these people – May God bless your work & help bring about discourse & peace

  3. Rev. R Blaine Jorg says:

    I’m a retired police officer from the Cincinnati PD, I’m a police chaplain, I went through what Officer Wilson did, I was charged to settle racial tensions, I was tried, found not guilty, I want to help, I have perspectives no other Pastor can see, let me know if I can be of use. In 2001 Cincinnati rioted because of the situation myself and partner were in from 2000, then in 2001, with tension strained, another officer shot a young black teen and the riots began. I was forced into hiding, I left Cincinnati, I know this is a violent issue that can be solved in God alone.