CPS launches Pastoral Support Network

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  1. Bruce Wurdeman says:

    Is this same service available to Commissioned Ministers?

    1. David A. Muench says:

      Great question, Dr. Wurdeman. The answer is yes!

      The same provision for commissioned Ministers and others who serve in full time ministry of LCMS entities is referred to simply as the EAP. (This is an acronym for Employee Assistance Program.)

      The toll free number to access these services is 866.726.5267.

  2. Thanks for the program . I am interested in being a member .

    1. David A. Muench says:

      Rev. Nanning,

      Thank you for your ministry, and for your interest in the Pastoral Support Network (PSN).

      This service is currently available to all clergy (and members of their household) who are in full-time ministry with an entity of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.