Pastors visit Ferguson to bring peace, offer solutions

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  1. Charlene Helmer says:

    I don’t pretend to know everything about what is going on in Ferguson. My husband and I were living near the Detroit riots in 1967. I do not believe that free food, free counseling, or free whatever will solve this problem. The black families have to solve the problem. And they have to solve them with a husband and wife in the home. When their own children are seeing what the parents are doing, it is a problem for everyone.
    Like I said, there was rioting and burning in the 60’s……the black population needs to take responsibility for their own actions. Let’s lay the blame where it belongs. The country has done a lot for them and they still hate us. Maybe it is time to make them do something for themselves. Throwing money and resources at the problem has not helped.

    1. Vickie says:

      I agree but they aren’t going to step up to the plate and why….because they have been coddled. So have a lot of whites but hope has to start somewhere. Job counseling is a start. It will show who wants a job and who is a freeloader! I am proud LCMS showed up. You don’t see the REV Sharpton or Jackson you??

    2. Tara Wolf says:

      Try reading your statement aloud and exchange “black” for “white.” For those of us who are white, we may not have lived during legalized slavery, but we are part of an ethnic group that enslaved and oppressed another ethnic group (and more than one) for hundreds of years. Under this model, slave owners did not allow this group to marry and create a family system that could endure. This model of family life also broke up mothers and daughters, fathers and sons for PROFIT. Who is to blame?

      The entire social structure cannot be changed overnight, nor can it be changed by pushing all the responsibility on others. We are Christians, which means that God did not push the responsibility of our salvation onto us, yet sent His one and only Son to rescue us from the terrible mess we created for ourselves. How can we do any less than follow Matthew 25:40 in loving response to our Redeemer?

      Good job pastors, I encourage all Christians in your area to be like-minded and reach out as the priesthood of all believers.

  2. John McDonald says:

    Fantastic, fantastic. I am so proud tonight of the LCMS for getting in there and working to help. Great job!

  3. Ken Schilf says:

    How refreshing, heartwarming, and spiritually reassuring that our church-LCMS-is on the scene to bring hope for now and for eternity. My prayers are with and for the team and the success of the Hope Center.

  4. Terry Kensell says:

    Where is the publicity about this? Why does it always have to be about the hate, riots and screaming. When some pastors have the courage to talk to persons who need to vent and then show them where that unconditional love and peace can come from maybe the changes can start. Too bad this did not happen earlier.

  5. Edward Harvilla says:

    Are the ministers going to meet with the innocent store worker that Mr. Brown assaulted in a strongarm store robbery before he was stopped by the policeman? Are the ministers going to meet with the innocent store owners and their workers whose places for earning a livlihood were burned to the ground by arsonists? They have suffered bona fide de facto and de jure hardship not merely perceived hardship as the individuals with whom the ministers met. Hopefully, they will also be offered the solace and comfort of LCMS ministers.

    1. Jim says:

      You are so correct, they are also victim’s

  6. William Gable says:

    I came to the LC-MS website just to see if there was any response to the Ferguson events from the LC-MS church, which I knew was based in St. Louis. I am ELCA. There was, and that is great! But I am concerned about three of these seven comments above. They display, in glaring terms, what is wrong in your region. Blacks need every bit of compassion, understanding, and empathy we whites can muster— not charges of being “coddled”, having broken homes, or needing to “take responsibility”. Nor should we be allowed to be shielded from extensive reporting. This is obviously an issue that needs serious attention and resolution, with all whites taking responsibility for 300 years of oppression.