Symposium addresses ‘challenging’ world of infertility ethics

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  1. Vicky Brunkhardt says:

    Although, doctors, it seems, play God in trying so hard to give life to couples who so desperately want and need biological child/ren in their life, I still feel God gives us the command to try on our part and He will do the rest. If we just sit around doing nothing about our situation, I am certain God will also take that into consideration. God gives children. How He gives them should be up to the parents and God. As expensive and unsuccessful IVF can be, it is still hope. And although I have seen it not be successful, the joy of one infant and thus child turns the bitterness and sadness our sinful nature brings to God, He gives life not only to a child, but also the couple through the experience.

    Besides, aborting is illegal in the Lutheran church. This is the destruction of life. Therefore, should IVF not be applauded as the possible giving of life. Another thing. I have heard of people ending a life after testing in the womb just because that fetus is not Perfect! Who is playing God here and is for or against the infant/child.

    In my opinion, God created IVF. It is His way of helping people in a sinful world where somehow people have caused infertility! IVF is highly regulated and maybe more than abortion clinics. Why are you not attacking people or science in this (abortion) destructive attitude. And give hope for something positive!