Photos give glimpse of ‘The First Rosa’ filming

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  1. Paul Steiner says:

    I’m excited to see this film and to learn more about Rosa’s life and service to the Church. While a student at Concordia Seward in the early ’70s, Prof. Ronald Brusius led a few students on a good-will, cultural exchange visit to Concordia Selma. During that trip I had the privilege of meeting and shaking hands with the 100+ year-old Rosa in her home in her rocking chair. Her home, on a dirt road in the country, was a shack by most standards 40 years ago, with a dusty, bare wood floor with occasional gaps allowing you to see the ground below. …It was, for me, the highlight of a memorable visit that included witnessing more poverty and racial prejudice than I could imagine from my sheltered, Southern California upbringing. I pray that the film will be an accurate portrayal and a blessing to the Church. PJS

    PS I believe I still have a snapshot of Rosa and her daughter (I think) from that visit, if it would be useful for the archives.