Wood, Zill join national mission team

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  1. Richard Merschel says:

    Wonderful to have more emphasis on campus ministry. However, I have a concern about the bulletin insert for November. It is quite negative, speaking how hostile the campus is. (Of course, this is true, although most highschools also are not friendly to Christian teachings. Are you just addressing youth who have gone to parochial schools?) Parents will either be frightened or conclude that it is an exageration without a follow-on discussion. The message should be more positive and offer practical help to the student. The insert states hat the new student should be “bold” in proclaiming the faith. That actually is a negative message, too. Most students want to fit into the new culture, To be told they need to be “bold” does not help at all. Then there is the term “cathesize” – please can we get off the formal church-speak? I hope you will have time to re-vamp the bulletin insert. As part of my congregational Mission responsibilties I am trying to help our parents and youth to find practical ways they can strengthen their faith in the new environment. This insert does not help me.

    1. Tim Schenks says:

      Dear Richard Merschel,

      Cathesize. Do you mean catechize? I don’t consider that really a formal word, and I’m an uneducated layman.

      I find it strange that an LCMS Lutheran does not think “catechize” is a common word. It is at my church. Catechism. Catechize. Catechesis. Catechumen, etc. Catechize is the “teach” part of Baptize -and- Teach in the Great Commission.

      I think the BOLD reference was supposed to be a reference to Acts 4:29, also found in the Small Catechism Explanations (Question 213):

      C. use us to extend His kingdom of grace;
      Acts 4:29 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable Your servants to speak Your word with great boldness.