Campbell explains what’s at stake for LCMS after SCOTUS ruling

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  1. Richard Crotwell says:

    After reading this, and the article of the Harrison Letter May 19, 2015 Reporter advising pastors about the coming SCOTUS ruling, I do not get the sense or feeling that the LCMS leadership is singing “Onward Christian Soldiers.” No reference to coordination with other Christian denominations. Seems to leave it up to individual LCMS congregations to go it alone – many which do not have funds are ways to obtain legal help. Pastors have failed to speak about this concern far to long in time. Glenn Beck seems to have taken up the battle flag alone.

  2. Keith says:

    I agree with Mr. Crotwell. For too long our Synod and Districts have failed to provide leadership in matters like this.
    Our government threatens to undo our tax-free status if we say anything from the pulpit. Our government has intruded upon our religious rights as Christians for quite some time, while turning the other direction when non-Christians “religions” make their demands on every media available. Sad!