First-call, vicarage candidates not enough to fill requests

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  1. RE Meyer says:

    April is historical…May is still in progress

  2. Geoffrey says:

    There are many ordained men on candidate status. Surely these congregations can be encouraged to look at them.

  3. Joshua says:

    LC-MS you have many willing and able ordained men on candidate status, why don’t you encourage the congregations who didn’t receive a sem grad to call one of them? Why do you constantly lie saying there is a shortage of pastors?

  4. Mike Fehner says:

    I have observed across the synod that we should consolidate congregations with less than 75 members in worship. Especially with the current shortage of pastoral candidates. What a waste of resources for which we will have answer for. If this consolidation were to happen, I’m sure the in-fighting that would occur would make this impossible. So disregard the my suggestion!

  5. Anthony Thomas says:

    I have seen many congregations not call seminary students but instead get a retired Pastor to fill in indefinitely. They want to cut cost, and don’t want the added expenses of paying a full-time pastor. I have seen these Retired Pastors work for free are just a per service stipend. This cuts the congregations cost on salary expense, but what is the real cost? Not developing new pastors in Seminary. Not calling new willing men. Not having full-time pastoral care at congregations? Is there really a long list of ordained pastors waiting for calls? How do we get congregations to call these pastors In waiting? Can we use them in mission work?

  6. Let’s all pray for this seminary, the staff in leadership and for each young man who seeks education here.

  7. Dawn Buchholz says:

    I have heard for years that there is a Pastor shortage and have a son -in-law who is ordained and has been without a full time call for several years. He has a student loan debt of over $100,000.00 and Synod is doing nothing to help this and many other already ordained Pastors.

    1. Dawn, In addition to those seeking to go to seminary and the staff; let’s all PRAY for the men who have already been through seminary waiting for a full time call, for the pastors who are presently in place and for the churches who are waiting for full time pastors, too. May God grant these men patience and wisdom to serve our LCMS congregations.