Harrison advises pastors on same-sex marriage decision

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  1. Laurie Neira says:

    I trust in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the history that has given light unto GODs’ will before our own. I don’t doubt that the Church will enforce “The Church” and “The Kingdom holy” on Earth as it is in Heaven, and thereof to honor the glory of Christ risen and as Jesus commanded us to love as He has loved us and no doubt GOD is love. So there really is no argument when it comes to serving the One true GOD; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    The argument is defending the people and protecting them as sin shall not abound where love abides, For GOD has no death in the wicked but that the wicked turn and live, so to live is also to honor the institution of the holy matrimony of Marriage that GOD has given Marriage to one man and one woman to become one, protected from sin and the devil thereof. So, those who are in error are really the ones needing to do the work of what true Salvation is in the sight of GOD and man. For starters; annulling marriages that were deceived is a good place to start and the financial agreements thereof also. Renouncing their disobedience unto GOD and those marriages in need of Him. And then denounce the ignorant ploys that choose to over look the history of afflictions, sufferages, starvations, deaths, sicknesses, diseases, pestilence, famines, droughts, and wars that have already accomplished not only the Word but the life given past that those who did, have not lived or died in vain for what real Marriage accomplishes. Thanks for defending “The Church” above all things unto His glory. GOD bless you Reverend Harrison.