Fiscal conference participants weigh future of Synod

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  1. alan turley says:

    When will the Seminaries make Evangelism training a primary focus, so Pastors are equipped to show members (laity) how to be comfortable sharing their faith with others?.

    1. Jeff Kloha says:

      Hello Mr. Turley. Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, has for several years now required all students on vicarage to develop and implement an evangelism event or program that specifically involves and trains people in the congregation to reach out with the Gospel. They also take “Theology of Missions,” a required course, which is designed to study “the biblical, theological, and historical bases of Christian mission and to examine pertinent missiological issues and their implications for today.” Many students also participate in the seminary’s “MIssionShift” institute, which connects them with St. Louis area congregations in developing outreach plans and activities in a local congregation. There are many responsibilities that are entrusted to a pastor; helping the congregation he serves share the Gospel with those who are not yet in Christ is certainly a very important task.