Harrison issues statement on 42nd Roe v. Wade anniversary

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  1. Rev. Jeff Duncan says:

    Thank you President Harrison for sharing the ‘For Life’ Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and for walking side by side with your fellow Lutheran members today in Washington D.C. It’s a pleasure to serve in the kingdom alongside such strong voices declaring “God loves life!” I encourage all our fellow brothers and sisters in the LCMS family to join their voices, share the message of hope and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, pray for your government representatives to pass laws protecting all humanity, including the weakest and most vulnerable. Let us all find our voice in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be ‘Life Affirming Lutherans’.

  2. al spitzack says:

    Some years back, maybe 10, it was traditional for LCMS churches to acknowledge a Life Sunday ,usually toward the end of January every year. I am alarmed how many LCMS churches do not do this anymore. I am becoming very disgruntled and almost to the point of being ashamed. Are the LCMS churches becoming more worldly and complacent about such a biblical principle?