Most child molesters ‘religious,’ often target church members

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  1. alan turley says:

    Churches need to have in place and follow written procedures to screen members and employees who have contact with children. Your liability insurance carrier should be a resource. There is significant legal liability for churches.

    1. Timothy Schenks says:

      Our congregation’s insurance carrier wasn’t much of a resource except to tell us that we had to come up with some sort of written policy for all these specific cases (mainly sexual harassment) that may come up otherwise our insurance rates will go up.

  2. Lance Brown says:

    “in their presentation on identifying and understanding domestic abuse — and helping victims — Saunders and Ostapowich noted that the majority of abuse is inflicted by men against women.”

    #1 This is NOT true. Men and women engage in violence against intimate partners at equal rates. Men, for obvious reasons, tend to inflict greater damage. Women, again for obvious reasons, are more likely to use weapons. But that’s just the violence. As this piece notes violence is just part of the larger picture of abuse. And women are far more adept at the psychological tactics employed by abusers.

    #2 Even if you refuse to accept and believe number one I would still ask, WHY does this matter? Why does it need to be emphasized in these programming sessions? Why does it need to be emphasized in this piece. How does that serve the goal of “helping victims”??? Does it help male victims to reinforce the idea that women are victims and men are perpetrators?

    I applaud you for including the part about how boys are less likely to report being abused. That’s a gender difference that’s actually relevant to helping victims. It’s useful to know and understand that. But still, the submerged feminism at work here is obvious. It infects the social sciences and the helping professions and now the LCMS as well.

  3. Kim Schave says:


    The statistics do, in fact, support the notion that women are victims of Intimate Partner Violence with a greater frequency than men. The current study commissioned by the CDC is the source for this claim noted in the article ( Women tend to report more frequently within the church, as well, for various reasons. However, the training that is offered by the LCMS very clearly delineates that men are increasingly reporting their own status as victims. While this may not have come through in the article covering the workshop, it is very much incorporated into the materials used by the LCMS Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Task Force.