New digital ‘Lutheran Service Book’ available

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  1. Keith says:

    Good idea although the price is a little high in my opinion. I wish our Synod would use hymns that average folks could sing. The melodies in this hymnal are for people who study music – the average person can’t follow them. In fact, the melody of many hymns of the LSB are not very inspiring.
    I hear many comments about the difficulty of the hymns. On a positive note having the catechism, psalms, etc., in the hymnal is great. We just need to get back to hymns that people can sing and enjoy singing….

    1. David S Bush says:

      This will be a great resource for those who travel to far away places. It will also be very easy to pack to carry on an airplane. I have “Pray Now” and really appreciate that but now, I have the whole hymnal that I can use as I travel and meet with people.
      The Hymns are the traditional hymns with great texts with great meanings. Today, the words of music are not so important as the music that excites people. The hymns are rich but some of the poetry really require a vast knowledge of the Bible to understand all the illusions made to Bible texts. It is difficult for modern people to understand some of the poetry used in the lyrics. This is a commentary on our education system. Hence the need for Lutheran Schools and pastors and teachers who teach what the Word is saying. CPH, keep up the good work.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I think this hymnal is the best we’ve ever had (the printed book). It shows where in Scripture our litany comes from and there is such an excellent variety of hymns! I’m not a choir master or thelogian — just a layperson who enjoys this wonderful hymnal. It is truly a blessed compliment to our worship service!

  3. Cynthia Pierce says:

    I like our hymnal and our hymns. I could never choose ONE as my favorite, but I’ve been singing them for almost 60 years! I wish this app could include the music of at least 2 verses per song!

  4. shari says:

    I totally agree with Keith. Most of the time, it’s just the organ playing & no one singing. Not sure why we can’t friendly inspiring songs to sing. I’ve attended other churches and the updated music makes the service.