LCMS pastor serves in Mexico — first in 20 years

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  1. Accidentally stumbled on to this. Back in the dark ages when I was facing vicarage, I faced an unprecedented thing happened. I was asked if I would agree to take a vicarage–in Mexico City. I said I would. As it turned out, there were not enough vicars to go around and being vicar for a district president (It was common in those days that DP’s carried out their duties in addition to being a parish pastor) to help give him time to take care of district business.

  2. Estas son verdaderamente buenas noticias. Que Dios les bendiga abundamente.

  3. Rev. Mike Wakeland says:

    When we left Guadalajara, Mexico in 2001, after serve there as the Area Director of Mexico, Central America and Panama, I did not think that we would see another ordained minister called to Mexico again. I am rejoicing that Rev. Conrad has accepted the challenge of working in Mexico City, and am praying that God will bless the efforts to strengthen and expand God’s mission throughout Mexico.

    You might want to correct the title of this article though, since it was about 15 years ago that the last LCMS pastor served with the LCMS World Missions in Mexico.