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Report on the 2012-15 Meetings of ELS, LCMS, and WELS Leaders

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  1. Scott Seidler says:

    The link is the statement on the Holy Ministry and its relationship to the Priesthood of All Believers and Auxilliary Offices.

    I would appreciate help in how our synod in its view of ministry is substantially different from the ELS.

    The link above is the similar statement from WELS.

    Again, any help exposing the errors identified by President Harrison would be helpful for the wider LCMS membership.

    1. MWolfy says:

      Scott- the “read report” has exactly what you are asking for.

  2. God bless the synod’s efforts.

  3. Steven Soerens says:

    The report states “But we differ on what we say about prayer fellowship.” I would like to understand more of this. Considering the uproar within the LCMS over a multi-faith public prayer forum after 9/11, and the attendant charges of unionism and syncretism that came from that, I am interested to know how it is that we differ in prayer fellowship.

  4. Harv Woebbeking says:

    I’m sure Martin Luther never intended on having the church be divided. In today’s world especially we need unity. With the help of God to those who love God we can work this out. Romans 8: 28