Seminar underscores plight of Christians facing persecution

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  1. Joshua Lake says:

    Coptic Christians deny Sola Fide.

    As harsh as this may sound, if one is relying on ANYTHING other than God’s Grace, they have fallen from grace and are no longer of the True Christian Faith. (cf. Galatians)

    Though it may be politically correct and expedient, and make life easier to proclaim a ecumenical spirit towards these events – We must speak the Truth in Love and not pretend that those who deny the fundamental Truth of Scriptures are Saved, even if they proclaim the name Christian.

    To do so would be misleading, dishonest, and morally wrong.


  2. How like Dr. Luther we can be at this time: to proclaim our faith. Don’t fear the time; thank God you are living to preserve the truth!