Geisler wins Disaster Response Hymn Contest

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  1. lynda hendrix says:

    This is such an honor for Julia to be mentioned in this article! She is a child with a good heart! God bless all the applicants!

  2. Denise Kolar Pacilli says:

    Thank you, Carol Geisler, for sharing this beautiful hymn. It speaks to my heart and I am sure it will be a blessings to many others. Congratulations and blessings to you.

  3. Jenny Knutson says:

    The hymn and the announcement coincide wonderfully for me, personally, as a small group of us in our congregation are doing the Lifelight study on Psalms. What a great contemporary voice that underlines and echoes the Scriptures we are studying. This universal question, “Lord and Savior, Do You Hear Us?” the answer is just as universal, “Fill
    our doubting hearts with courage, For in You our hope is sure.”
    Thank you.

  4. Rev. John Fleischmann says:


  5. Marie Hanson says:

    I truly love how Carol’s Hymn is speaking/singing directly to our Lord Jesus, and from the heart!

    Awesome praise~

  6. Dan Anderson says:

    To bring our voices together in praise to the Lord, who is in control of all during a time of us being perplexed is a tremendous response. Carol has also reminded us of many instances when there were seemingly impossible situations to overcome, and yet our Lord’s glory provided comfort and the victory in His way.

    It is wonderful to have these hymns as resources for strength in the inevitable instances we will face. Congratulations and God’s richest blessings for all your efforts!