Urban-mission roundtable: Can Church assist in economic development?

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  1. Keith says:

    I would enter something like this cautiously. The federal government has its fingers in almost every program available, and sometimes their fingers point to some very nasty requirements. The only way I see this working at all is if we go it completely on our own. And the there is the question as to what truly is the best use of our tithes.

  2. Ryan Castillero says:

    “Creating Jobs” seems like the magical answer, doesn’t it? If we could only create jobs, then we can get our economy back up and running again. Let’s just call it what it is: easier said than done. Manufacturing isn’t coming back as long as it’s cheaper to make things cheaper in other countries; it’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just capitalism working as it should. The Economy, I don’t think, is anything that the Church can really do anything about. Taking on the Economy is a completely different animal. We can talk and talk to local business leaders or give out loans, but that doesn’t mean that those small business will work out. You can be the best business man in the world, but if you are selling in an area that doesn’t have any money, than it won’t last. I would say that we should tackle the economy in a completely different way.

    I think providing quality food and services to these impoverished people is the way to do it. By providing quality sustenance and a service such as day care, they have more money to use in other places, such as on local stores/services. Having a fully functioning LCMS “food/service pantry” will get people physically in the church, reaching and “saving people one soul at a time.” Just a thought.