Photo essay: A Powerful Presence

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  1. Dick Koehneke says:

    I was a hotel life leader at the Youth Gathering in New Orleans in 1992. As we were leaving at the end of the Gathering, the hotel manager at our hotel said, “Usually when groups leave New Orleans we’re glad to see them go, but your group has changed this city for the better.” Sounds like it’s the same story 24 years later. Praise God, and high compliments to our young people and everyone involved with the Gathering.

  2. I love this…God’s people, loved by Him and showing their love to others. In Christ alone through His mercy and grace!

  3. J. Schudde Mt. Vernon, Wa says:

    I love it when people are sad to see us go instead of the other way around. We can be proud of these Christian youth. . . changed ONLY by the Love of Jesus in their life. What a blessing they can be. . .

  4. arynne pitman says:

    hi my name is arynne pitman i attended the 2016 lcms youth gathering i learned what it was like to have an identity in Christ alone this was truly a life changing experience thank you to all the people who made this trip possible fore me