Workshop explores Church’s response to mental illness

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  1. Paul H.Schmaedeke says:

    It is good that this problem is being addressed by the Lutheran Church/Miissouri Synod.In the secular world the first thing federal,state and local governments make mental health the first area they make dollar cuts to.They are penny wise and pound foolish is doing that.One particular political party has a broken compass in pushing for those cuts.Once again,Kudos to the Synod for thinking mental health is important and trying to deal,rahter than turn their backs on those suffering mental distress.

  2. Lisa says:

    I think it is wonderful that the church is addressing Mental Illness.
    When dealing with someone with a mental illness, it is imperative to understand the seriousness of mental illness and how to address and communicate with a person dealing with mental illness.
    I am not sure why we as a church body do not have RN’s and SW’s available, at least strategically located for parishners, collaboratively working with Pastors, who wear 8/9 different working hats already. We as a church body would be able to open our doors and serve others in so many other capacities, as God wants us too.

    1. Stephanie Neugebauer says:

      Lisa, thanks for your comments! You are absolutely right – this is a serious topic and one that the Church continuously needs to be in conversaton about.
      The LCMS does, however, support a national and international parish nursing program, which enables RN’s and others in the nursing profession to serve church members in this capacity. Please don’t hesitate to visit the website and ask more questions: May God bless you in body, mind, and spirit.

  3. Rev Carl Gnewuch says:

    I’m happy to report that our church hosted two mental health awareness events this past weekend, one focused on youth and one focused on adults. Presenters included nationally recognized leaders along with a wide variety of local professionals. Attendance was excellent, with over 150 attending each of the two events. This presents a wonderful opportunity to present the Gospel to people who need a better Word in a bitter world.

  4. Our church, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Springfield, Virginia recently hosted and live-streamed two mental health learning events for our local community, #BOUNCEBACK which focused on adolescent stress, anxiety, and depression and HOPE RESTORED – A CONVERSATION ON MENTAL WELLNESS. Keynote sessions were led by Dr. David Ludwig and Dr. Mary Jacob, authors of CPH’s new book, “Christian Concepts for Care – Understanding and Helping People with Mental Health Issues.” In addition, we partnered with twelve area mental health professionals who led break-out sessions on a variety of mental health topics. The key to our success was connecting attendees to local mental health resources and competent, credentialed practitioners. Attendees commented it was inspiring to have the Church give voice in the mental health conversation and offer HOPE to the most vulnerable!