First Bethesda College class graduates in ‘opportunity of a lifetime’

Comments (6)
  1. Alan Turley says:

    Great program!
    I pray it will be copied by other LCMS schools.
    God bless all who are involved!

  2. Ravi Jesupatham says:

    Great! Amazing!! Well done BLC and CUW!!!

  3. Rev. Dr. Dennis Brostrom says:

    Indeed. Marvelous! Thank you, Bethesda, for doing this. What a blessing your ministry is to an important part of the Church.

  4. Dennis Floyd says:

    I live for the day this will not be news. As the manager of a supported living program for adults who happen to have developmental disabilities (I like “possibilities” better), I’ve seen, and continue to see so much patronization and “special” labeling – by family, culture, society in general as to conclude that it all only further disables those that it’s intended to raise up. This college is a blessing and a giant step forward.

  5. Sharon says:

    I am so happy to read that this opportunity is out there and such a blessing to those making use of it!

  6. Norma Oxley says:

    As the grandmother of a young man, almost sixteen years of age, with autism, I find this opportunity for young adults with developmental disabilities to be God-sent. Since He created all of His children, to know that some are now being given the chance to learn beyond the high school level. May God continue to bless this program, and as the previous comment, may it spread to all of our Concordia University system, God-willing.