Harrison reflects on convention: ‘I’ve never seen anything like it’

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  1. Rev. R Schneider says:

    I propose that every pastor encourage their members to send $1 in to support the seminaries. That will double Pres. Harrison’s plea, and assure that he will indeed be shorn.

    1. Matt Harrison says:

      You are appropriately named “Schneider.”

  2. John DeSherlia says:

    Go for it, Dr Harrison!

  3. Chuck Gollnick says:

    My guess is that they actually loose money processing a one-dollar contribution. But, if every congregation was to collect up those one-, two-, and five-dollar contributions and aggregate them into a single check, that would work quite well.

  4. Every congregation should put this in their budget!

  5. Charles Johnson says:

    until the large quantity of pastors on crm status are reduced and given calls I see no need to even support additional funding for seminaries but rather the opposite.