‘Firsts’ call Lutheran Federal Credit Union ‘blessing in many ways’

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  1. Tom Buuck, CEO says:

    The LCMS community has been a great blessing to the staff at Lutheran Federal Credit Union. The enthusiasm, kinds words, and actions in ‘making the move’ to a faith-based credit union that exclusively serves YOU within the LCMS uplifts the staff as we work hard to fulfill our mission.

    1. John DeSherlia says:

      I agree with Tom, this Credit Union is always going to be a blessing to our church body in so many ways. I actively encourage our fellow LCMS’ers to please join and use it in any way possible.

  2. Sandy K. says:

    We would DEFINITELY be on board if we could get local, rural ATM locations! Right now, we would have to travel 30+ miles for a supported ATM. That is not helpful, because we use an ATM multiple times a week. If that changes, we would certainly switch!!

  3. Jeanne M. says:

    So glad that I joined the credit union. I am working on trying to get my church family to join. They are a little resistant but I tell them of all the benefits and local ATM’s are not that far away.