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Movie review: ‘Ben-Hur’

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  1. In a world that desperately seeks love and peace it’s very difficult to please everyone who enjoys a Hollywood biblical film that portrays the very character of who, what, and why Jesus Christ died, and the central importance of Christianity.

    Hollywood once again have taken another classic film and added brand new special effects, new storylines, and new actors/actresses but it fails to have an audience impact as the Charlton Heston ‘Ben Hur’ 1959 film.

    Some original blockbuster films should be left alone; unfortunately this is one of them that failed and left Hollywood embarrassed again!!!

    1. Faith Lucas says:

      I saw both and completely agree!

  2. Pastor Mark Wikstrom says:

    Thank you, Pastor Ted Giese for your informative review of the new Ben – Hur movie.
    I agree with you that most current movies ignore or attack our Christian faith.
    Since I was a teen- ager in 1959, I can remember the original movie with Charlton Heston.
    My wife and I saw this new version last week. We are sad that today’s movie reviews
    seem to have mainly negative comments. Hope that Lutheran Christians will be able
    to view this film on first century landscapes and our eternal Lord.

  3. Lydia Thigpen says:

    I thought the movie was excellent and if the 1959 version was better I can’t wait to find a copy of it to watch. I am a Christian and there was no doubt for me as to the significance of Christ throughout the film. You are right that they can’t assume everyone knows the story of Christ but the message of compassion and forgiveness was powerful and very moving. I cried several times and the ending took my breath away.

    1. Barb Pickett says:

      I saw the 1959 version but I would have to see it again to make a good comparison. I liked this movie and I agree with you Lydia, I found the message of forgiveness profound.

  4. Kara says:

    Very accurate review and analysis of the movie. Along with not properly displaying the divinity of Jesus, I found that the movie came up short in other ways, too. One was the absence of any reference to the resurrection-without that, Jesus is only a good man who was unjustly crucified. Also, as is the case with many Christian-themed movies, the happy ending gives the message that if you just believe in Jesus (or in this case, even just be aware of him and admire him) everything will work out just fine. While we know that we have the ultimate victory, Jesus himself tells us that there will be tribulation in this world-things don’t simply work out because you’re a Christian. I wish more movies would show that and focus on how our faith in Christ gives us strength to overcome in the hard realities of this life.

  5. sara wolfe says:

    The pastor’s summation of the movie is intelligently worded and how much more wonderful for the world if the divinity of Christ was elaborated on! Jesus was so much more than a man—He is God!!