Harrison: Is Scalia’s death ‘harbinger of worse things to come’?

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  1. Greg Williamson says:

    A moral man who stood on the moral high ground. I will miss him.

  2. Keith Freie says:

    Truly sad for our country to lose this Justice, a man that was sometimes the sole impetus for decisions based on what is right in God’s eyes. May God have mercy on this country and give His people peace.

  3. Carl Freitag says:

    Why is a person’s death a harbinger of worse things to come? I think it is a neutral event.

    1. John J Flanagan says:

      It is not a neutral thing at all. If the Supreme Court is dominated by liberal jurists, one could not expect it to see decisions reflecting the values of millions of conservatives and Christians. It could be a harbinger of bad things to come.

  4. jonathan bass says:

    Justice Scalia also voted to gut the Voting Rights Act and in favor of both the death penalty and having virtually no cap on campaign contributions. Do such points of view also represent the LCMS?

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your blog post. For information on the LCMS position on the death penalty, please review our Frequently Asked Question at The LCMS would not have an opinion on campaign contributions. You may want to review Render Unto Caesar … and Unto God: A Lutheran View of Church and State at

    2. Bill Naumann says:

      No, of course not. Even Martin Luther issued opinions that many of us in the Lutheran church could not defend.

      But, on the key points of Christian doctrine, there was no better.

      so, too with Antonin Scalia on matters of religious liberty and natural law.