Pro-life icon Jean Garton memorial set for Jan. 21

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  1. Dick Peters says:

    Excellent coverage of an outstanding Lutheran christian woman. She will continue to be an inspiration to many for years to come. It was truly an honor to have known both Chic and Jean and to have served with her on the Synod BOD. Her Crown of Glory is well deserved.

    Dick Peters

  2. Jim Rogers says:

    I loved Jean. Known in some circles as “The Brooklyn Bulldog! (a complimentary term), she was a true churchwomen. Well done, good and faithful servant!

  3. John L. Daniel says:

    John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4,1826, the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is no small irony that Jean Garton and Elizabeth “Betty” Duda should have joined the Church Triumphant within hours of the other. They both were stellar woman compatriots and pioneers in service to the church and it was not uncommon for them to be frequently seen together. Both shared with me the privilege of serving as members of the Synod’s Board of Directors. Their example is worthy of emulation.

    Fortunately, the recognition of both Jean and Betty’s contributions have been appropriately and extensively noted. We in the church are sometimes derelict in expressing admiration and thanks for faithful service during a person’s life on earth. Not so with Jean and Betty.

  4. Mary Benke says:

    Jean left a huge imprint on my life. I helped start a pro-life group at my church in Forest Park, IL many years ago and got involved in speaking up for the unborn all over the Chicago land area, in large part due to reading Jean’s book “Who Broke the Baby”. Later, when my husband took a call to be campus pastor at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN, I soon became President of MN LFL. Again, Jean was an inspiration to me in this role. I did not feel like I was strong in the leadership department, I liked being the worker behind the scenes, but Jean showed that God was the one who directs you and uses you in his plan and where you are weak He is strong. As He told Moses, Who made your mouth! He gives us what we need to say and do on His behalf. I am ever grateful to Jean Garton for being a leader who guided so many of us to speak up for the unborn. Mary Benke

    1. Orville and Anna Nieman says:

      Deeply moved by Jean’s story as she told it at a retreat in MI in 1981, my husband and I decided to provide her with a home-baked Christmas treat for her family (since she probably had little time to bake herself). To this day we have kept the tradition. And with each loaf was a letter exchange updating our year’s events including our families. In her last letter dated Feb. 2016 she spoke of becoming active again including a speaking engagement at the Lutherans for Life Convention to be held in MN in Oct. and anticipating seeing again the people who worked with her to form the Lutherans for Life organization. What a way for God to “crown” her earthly life! Indeed God has blessed His church with her deep dedication to life issues and gave me a beautiful loyal friendship! The Lord be thanked! Orville and Anna Nieman
      P.S. I wonder if she got to taste the cherry chip loaf we sent this past December.