KFUO program to target election issues

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  1. Alan Turley says:

    Could this effect the tax exempt status of LCMS?

    1. Kip Allen says:

      The Aug. 17 “Free to be Faithful” program will focus entirely on the issues and on the positions of candidates, and will not include endorsement of any candidate.

      However, one of the topics planned for the program could involve discussion of churches’ tax-exempt status.

      This issue was raised in the wake of the Obergefell decision. Two dissenting justices raised that specter, and the U.S. solicitor general said it is entirely possible that the tax-exempt status of religious institution that oppose same-sex marriage could be endangered.

  2. Eric Wood says:

    My conscience at this point is directing me to vote in the election but to abstain from voting for president. I know the Oval Office must be occupied, but must an oval on my ballot be darkened? Some Christian friends have told me it is my duty to vote for someone.

  3. jim says:

    In our day and age, there are many who want to drive the name and message of Christ completely out of the public arena. Voting is an opportunity to promote, protect, and preserve godly government. Passing up that opportunity means letting those who would denigrate the name of Christ have their way in our lives. The leaders we elect—or do nothing to remove—have great influence on our freedoms. They can choose to protect our right to worship and spread the gospel, or they can restrict those rights. They can lead our nation toward righteousness or toward moral disaster. As Christians, we should stand up and follow our command to fulfill our civic duties (Matthew 22:21).