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LCMS, LCC and NALC Leaders Release Joint Statement on Scripture

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  1. Rob Bayles says:

    As much as I agree with the joint opinion I have to ask this question: How can all three synods agree with this statement and disagree with something as biblically and doctrinally sound as the ordination of women?

    My wife and I have found it very difficult to find a church/denomination who has not fallen to this. We find that the LCMS still adheres to this based on sound biblical teaching but are skeptical that this synod may back from this in the near future based on political pressure and cultural pressures. We have been attending an LCMC church for five years and find it to be nearly as liberal as the ELCA in its preaching.


    Rob Bayles

  2. Steve Pierzchala says:

    I have been a member of Missouri Synod and not have found it nearly as liberal as the ELCA. Maybe it is what we personally prioritize. I find the MS to be far too conservative in regards to race in the U.S. So, let’s keep journeying together.r

  3. Bill Saar says:

    I think there is a misunderstanding of the terminology of LCC and NALC. LCC is the result of Canada’s push for more nationalism and LCC is the result. They are the majority of the old MO. Synod in Canada and there is even sharing of pastors between LCMS and LCC. There are still a few LCMS churches in Canada that belong to the English District.
    NALC only began in 2010 in Ohio and is made up of mostly former ELCA Churches who were dissatisfied with their Church body’s decisions on homosexual clergy, women, and several other items. They have been joined by a few Anglican Churches and a few others and have shown an interest in LCMS.
    In May of 2015 I had the privilege of visiting St. Matthew Luther Church in Toronto, Ontario that is an LCC Church that had been LCMS. The Pastor was from India and spoke 6 languages of that area. There was a complete mix of people from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and a few others. There was no majority of any race including white Germans.

    I suggest viewing “The First Rosa” to see where LCMS stands on Race.